01 August 2012

i didn't have high hopes

when i pulled this card out of the very nice package tom from waiting until next year sent my way.
it might be hard to tell from the scans, but the plastic wrapper was stuck tight to the card inside.
i could tell that it was a 2001 gary sheffield upper deck twizzlers card, but i assumed that the wrapper was infused into the cardstock, and i would not be able to gaze upon one of the greatest offensive players in dodger history. i was wrong, for better or for worse.

i had to peel, rather than unwrap, the card, but it came out ok.
if i recall correctly, the big league challenge was some sort of skills competition held prior to spring training in 2001. too bad it wasn't a twizzlers eating competition.  but, rather than tell us about the event, there is just some text about the monster season sheffield had in 2000
i can't tell you how many packages of twizzlers i bought in 2000 when fleer was producing the cards inside.  i must have four or five curt schilling cards from that set, unfortunately.  i must have burnt out by 2001 because i don't recall seeing these cards.

there were a bunch more cool oddball cards in the package from tom, some of which i will showcase soon.

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The Baseball Card Snob said...

I've got a few of those laying around, could never complete that set. They are pretty nice looking cards.