08 October 2011

the dynamic trio. quartet? five guys?

i am sure that this card seemed like a good idea when score issued it in 1995
the dodgers had just produced three straight nl rookies of the year (eric karros in 1992, mike piazza in 1993, and raul mondesi in 1994).  then hideo nomo came along in 1995 and won the award, and i suppose a couple card companies may have made a card featuring those 4 guys.  after todd hollandsworth won the roy in 1996, i don't think there were any cards featuring the fivesome.  it was old news.
in fact, the dodgers put together an exclusive card set for their season ticket holders after mondesi won the award.  the set included cards for every dodger winner from jackie robinson through rauuuuuuuuuuuuuuuul.  those sets are pretty tough to find.

in 1997, they put out a sga set featuring the 5-in-a-row guys
for some reason i thought there was a jackie card in this set too, but i might be thinking of the pocket schedules.  i suppose holly is like the 5th grandchild. once he comes along nobody bothers to make a fuss.

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night owl said...

Those SGA cards are weirdly fascinating.

Check your email. I might have some cards for you.