09 May 2012

this ferrara is less xbox, more atara

hey - look at me! i'm hip, quoting (sort of) a song by that dude from 'the voice' with the tiny hands.  all to make a pun about former dodger outfielder al ferrara and this recent acquisition of mine - his 1967 topps high number card.
no disrespect to the bull, but i caved and bought a lower grade card than i would have liked in an effort to finish off my 1967 topps dodger needs.  rounded corners are probably my least favorite condition issue.  on the bright side, my want list is down to just one league leader card which i am 97% sure i already own - i just need to go dig through my retired star binders and find sandy koufax's pages.

1967 also happened to be ferrara's best season as a dodger, and it was also his last full year in dodger blue.  he appeared in only a handful of games with them in 1968 before being lost to the padres in the expansion draft prior to the 1969 campaign.  the card is number 557 in the set - the highest numbered dodger of them all.

welcome to the collection. go ahead and get comfortable -  i don't expect to upgrade anytime soon.


night owl said...


I'll take rounded corners over stains or writing any day. I'll take it over most creases too.

Johngy said...

I just saw the Match Game episode with Ferrara. Not to kill the ending, but he got 9 in both rounds, then 0 in a tie-breaker round.