12 May 2012

misty chocolate covered memories

this would be awesome.  i count the cool-a-coo among my fondest dodger stadium memories - right up there with listening to vin scully on my dad's transistor radio, learning how to keep score, eating dodger dogs, seeing myself up on diamond vision, watching the likes of willie stargell and willie mccovey absolutely destroy baseballs during batting practice, and, of course, worshiping at the mantle of the infield of steve garvey, ron cey, billy russell, and davey lopes.

here's a 1978 sspc steve garvey card from the period,
just so i can keep my status as a card blogger intact.

i haven't been back to chavez ravine since 2006, but would definitely figure out a way to get there and have a cool-a-coo for old times' sake.

make it happen magic!


steelehere said...

Do you know how the 1978 SSPC cards were issued? I'm familar with the much larger 1975 set but the 1978 has always been a mystery to me.

gcrl said...

They were issued in a magazine format, kind if like the 71 dell todays stamps.

Anthony Hughes said...

What a great post. I remember cool-a-coo ice cream sandwiches, I hadn't thought about them in a long time...
Also for some reason, I was thinking about SSPC cards today, the '78 Angels set came in a magazine that I bought at an Angels game. I can't remember much about the magazine, the cards were on single sheet and had to cut them. There's 27 cards, so I guess 3 pages of 9.
I especially like the '78 Angels I have because it is really the only Lyman Bostock card I have of him in an Angels uniform. the '78 Topps and '78 Hostess are touched up photos.