04 May 2012

anything good on tv?

well, as vin scully says, 'for your enjoyment, dodger baseball is on the air!'  i picked up some nice 1955 bowman cards at the monthly card show but held them out of the previous posts for some reason.  perhaps i was planning some grandiose post featuring a 'this is your life' parallel or some other reference to what was on tv back then.  or maybe it was the fact that the cards boast the text 'color tv' which to me is nothing spectacular but back then was state of the art.  whatever the reason, it has escaped me.

here's pee wee reese
this card is fantastic.  there is an ink stain on the back, and that is the only reason i can muster as to why this card was in the vintage bargain bin and not under glass.  it's real purty.  on the back, we learn that pee wee believes stan musial to be the best hitter he has ever seen.  that's the same sentiment on the back of russ meyer's card
did you know that 'gunsmoke' debuted in 1955?  so did 'the mickey mouse club' and 'the honeymooners'.  the mad monk, on the other hand, made his final dodger appearance in 1955.  happy to report that he went out a winner.

here's jim gilliam
the 1953 nl rookie of the year played more outfield in 1955 due to the presence of another second baseman, don zimmer
both of these guys, and the other two at the top as well, appeared on tv as themselves in the 1955 world series.  according to wikipedia, that was the first year that the fall classic was broadcast in color.  i am guessing, however, that not too many people saw it that way as color tv's were certainly pricey in their infancy.  but, at least the kids could take the 1955 bowman cards out of their spokes and pretend.


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Love the 55 Bowmans. I especially like the ones with the corny "What all kids should know/do" PSA-type messages. Great pickups!

Stealing Home said...

fantastic cards !!! great finds.

Dhoff said...

I picked up that Reese card a while back, and I love it. Such a great card.