20 May 2012

that's a lot of people

a few days ago, nick at the dime boxes blog wrote an interesting post about cards with the most people on them.  he has several great examples, and it got me to thinking.  i immediately recalled this card, a 1997 upper deck ismael valdes card
featuring the blistered wonder posing for camera day in dodger stadium.  the first time i went to camera day, i didn't understand. i had been to 'helmet day' where i received a dodger batting helmet, and i had been to some other promotions where i took home a poncho/raincoat and other dodger knick knacks.  so, i could not believe that the o'malleys were going to be handing out cameras to all fans in attendance.

of course, that was not the case as my dad quickly explained.  he told me we would be down on the field and would be able to take pictures of the players.  no, not while they are playing.  anyway, it was the first time i was on the field at dodger stadium, and i have a picture of me somewhere standing up against the outfield wall near the dodger bullpen.  good times.

fast forward almost 20 years from that time, and we get valdes safely beyond the orange fence and the reach of the legion of fans hanging out in left field. not as many people as that 2008 upper deck manny ramirez card or the babe ruth card, but certainly the most dodger fans.

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Nick said...

Love it! I never knew they had a "camera day" at Dodger Stadium.

I'll have to pick that one up if I ever see it anywhere, it's one great card from an underrated set in '97 UD (in my opinion).