07 May 2012

crinkly cards

thanks to crinkly wrappers, i am 9 cards closer to completing the 1971 topps set.
three managers, a hall of gamer, and some other sweet cards.  appropriate to showcase the mike cuellar and the world series highlight cards as i am finally getting around to the 1970 baltimore orioles post over at the timeless teams blog [shameless plug].

i also received some nice piazza's in the deal, including a couple of checklists - here's a 1995 score select
and a 1995 score summit
count me among those who think it is wrong for tim federowicz to be wearing number 31.  here's a third piazza, although not a checklist, from 1996 bazooka
i can't believe i have not featured a card from 2002 topps 206 on the blog before, but i guess i have not.  i am kinda sorta collecting that set although it is such a low priority that i don't have a want list up.  anyway, here's a shawn green insert from the set
i think this is from the 'team 206' insert set, and there are variations even within the inserts.  maybe that's why i haven't gotten too serious about collecting it.

there were also a trio of 2010 upper deck biography cards, including that fantastic orlando hudson one that celebrates the first dodger cycle since wes parker roamed the base paths
i really wish that the o-dog would sign dodger stuff.

here's manny being manny
and andre being andre
although i don't think going deep requires taking out the second baseman.  nice dodger stadium scene, though.

finally, a 2010 topps peak performance andre ethier insert.
ethier is playing at peak performance this year - averaging over an rbi per game.  i am always wary of big 'walk' years (see beltre, adrian) but hopefully magic can bring the money and get ethier re-signed.

thanks for the trade ted!

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