21 May 2012

now part of a complete breakfast

a while back, i picked up a 1970 kellogg's bill singer card.  i had been watching ebay for a while, and i was able to get it for a good price, most likely due to the fact that it was just graded as an 8.
i think that people who look for graded cards are looking for higher grades, and a lot of people who don't want graded cards don't bother with these even though they are fairly easy to extricate.  so, people like me  sometimes can get a decent deal.  of course, i could have waited and got an ungraded version for $3 or so as there have been a few on ebay in recent months.  oh well.

singer joins previous pickups willie crawford
tom haller
and don sutton
in my collection.  i am hoping by the end of the summer to have completed all of the dodger kellogg's team sets.  let me know if you can help with the few that i still need:

1977 kellogg's 11 doug rau
1977 kellogg's 47 charlie hough
1978 kellogg's 34 reggie smith
1978 kellogg's 36 tommy john

now i'm off to snap, crackle, and pop that psa case...

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