07 March 2009

a 2009 goose joak original in the o-pee-chee spirit

i am a big fan of o-pee-chee cards. more specifically, of the variations they created when a player switched teams in the off season. i have posted about them here and here and here and even one here.

so, while putting together some more 2009 goose joak originals, i decided to forego the images coming from spring training and do some o-pee-chee tribute for a veteran spring training invitee.

i give you the 2009 goose joak original doug mientkiewicz.it's more of a 70's/80's o-pee-chee tributethan a 90's one.i don't know why they stopped changing the card design to reflect the player's new team in the '90's.

anyway, i am actually a big mientkiewicz fan, having watched him during his time here in minnesota. he was a big fan favorite, despite the fact that he publicly called out manager tom kelly, and has remained so even after his departure to the red sox and beyond.

doug has been a one and done player since leaving the twins, spending half of 2004 with the red sox, 2005 with the mets, 2006 with the royals, 2007 with the yankees, and 2008 with the pirates.

here's hoping he wins a spot (as long as he deserves it) backing up loney and blake.

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