29 March 2009

pettitte pursued, dodgers and twins obtained

i received a great big box of goodies from eric slette (the pettitte pursuit) a while back. i had sent him some (what else?) andy pettittes, riveras and posadas.

he countered with some nice dodgers and twins, including:

1991 upper deck al newman.a double play turn! al had some health problems last season (or was it 2007?). hard to believe looking at him now that he could get airborne like that back in the day.

2008 topps stadium club joe mauer. no one knows what it's like - the back pain - behind those smiling eyes.

a trifecta of japanese dodger imports -

2003 fleer flair hideo nomo
2003 upper deck first pitch kazuhisa ishii
2008 upper deck timeline (2004) hiroki kuroda
nomo was great, ishii not so much, and the jury is still out on kuroda.

finally, a 2008 topps stadium club photographer's proof clayton kershaw.
numbered to 50. nice.

this only scratched the surface of the box eric sent. makes me feel good about hoarding those yankees for all these years.

thanks eric.

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