17 March 2009

some goose joak dodgers - just for fun

i don't think dave intends for these sorts of cards to be part of the set, but i thought i would put a few 'fun' dodger cards together.

vin scully
the voice of the dodgers. what an icon.

the infield a little bit older now...

opening day 2008with erskine, koufax, and newcombe surrounded by a legion of former and current dodgers.

one of the dodgers' most beloved coaches
good to see he took his bike to arizona.

one of the dodgers' biggest executives
the pasta won.

one of the dodgers' biggest fans


Slette said...

Oof, Tommy is looking quite rotund these days.

deal said...

I am all for broadcaster cards

Dave said...

Vin Scully -- yeah, he absolutely has a place in this set!

Alyssa Milano...now maybe that's more debatable ;)

Awesome work sir.

Dave said...

Oh, and whenever you want to email me the larger sized cards just let me know. I'll get them added to Goose Joak.