06 March 2009

here's looking at you, captain

i wonder if orel ordered wallet size photos... that is just one of many great cards i received from captain canuck at waxaholic recently as the result of an international trade. nafta was not a factor, however.

here's another 1991 topps stadium club, this time a more conventional shot featuring fernando valenzuela.
fernando was released by the dodgers in 1991 during spring training. he hadn't pitched very well in 1990 (4.59 era, 1.47 whip) so it wasn't too much of a surprise. he was signed and released twice in 1991 by the then california angels, pitching poorly in only two games for them. he spent 1992 pitching in the mexican league (he had been picked up by the detroit tigers before being sold to jalisco). i was very happy to see fernando come back a couple years later and eventually pitch effectively for another season or two before retiring for good.

1989 fleer steve sax.
here's another card featuring a by then former dodger. sax left the dodgers after their 1988 world championship for the hated yankees. he had a great 1989 season for the yankees, finishing with over 200 hits and fewer errors in more chances than the year before. surprisingly to me, sax's time with the yankees was not marred by errors as one might assume. he made only 30 errors in three seasons (10 each year) which was far better than his average per season with the dodgers. those errors did include 3 errors in only 17 chances during 3 games at third base in 1991.

1985 woolworth's maury wills.
maury is listed as the all-time record holder for most games played in a season (165 in 1962). he also tied a world series record by starting 4 double plays at shortstop in 1965, and he set an nl record by leading the league in stolen bases in 6 consecutive seasons, from 1960 to 1965. plus, his middle name is 'morning'.

another woolworth's, this time it's johnny frederick.
johnny's claim to fame is setting a major league record with 6 pinch hit home runs in 1932. he also has three first names - john henry frederick.

finally, we have a non-dodger - a 2007 topps frank catalanatto.
this is one of the last two cards i needed to complete my 2007 set. the other was this oneso i am officially complete with 2007 in time to get 2009 in order.

thanks captain!

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Captain Canuck said...

glad you like it bud. Sorry the Catalanotto took so long. Trade organization is not my strong suit.