03 March 2009

moon shots and the unibrow

while some players are known for their facial hair - rollie fingers' mustache, goose gossage's horsehoe, mike piazza's fu-man-chu, and bruce sutter's beard among others - i believe wally moon may be the only guy known for the unibrow.
it is on display here on his 1960 topps card. my copy has a nice horizontal crease that parallels the thing, which i find interesting. and then again on his 1964 topps card.
wally was good for more than just his facial hair, though. he homered in his first at bat, having replaced cardinals legend enos slaughter on the roster. traded to the dodgers prior to the 1959 season, moon adjusted his swing to take advantage of the short left field dimensions in the coliseum.

the result were his patented "moon shots" - home runs hit over the 40-foot tall screen above the left field fence only 251 feet away.

in 1959, he finished fourth in the league mvp voting, and he was a key player in the la dodgers' first world series championship that same year. he also played on two more championship teams, in 1963 and 1965 (although he did not appear in the 1963 series and had only 2 at bats in the 1965 fall classic).

thanks wally!

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MMayes said...

Andy Etchebarren has a set of eyebrows, but I believe he at least has some separation between them.