13 March 2009

snap, crackle, and pop

also known here as mota, brewer, and davis. these 1974 kellogg's cards are 35 years old. when i started collecting, a 35 year old card would have been from a 1943 set. yikes.

manny mota was acquired by the dodgers from the expos, along with maury wills, after the 1969 season. manny went on to play for the dodgers through 1980 (serving in 1980 as a player/coach), and then made a final plate appearance for them in 1982 at he age of 44. i think i need to work on a 1983 topps final tribute for him...

jim brewer was rescued from the cubs after the 1963 season in a trade for dick scott. the dodgers also acquired cuno barragan in that deal, although he never played for them. brewer, on the other hand, was the primary closer for the dodgers from the late '60s into the early '70s. he appeared in the 1973 all star game, finishing the game by striking out thurman munson and willie horton. unfortunately, jim died in a car crash in 1987.

the back of the willie davis card (you'll have to trust me on this - i am too lazy to scan it) shows that he is actually with the expos now, having been traded for mike marshall. this trade was followed a day later by the trade for jimmy wynn. while davis was a great dodger, wynn was an upgrade offensively and was certainly worthy of garvey's nl mvp in 1974. wynn was then traded for dusty baker after the 1975 season. speaking of final tributes, a 1980 willie davis in an angels uniform would look pretty nice...

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