20 March 2009

wax heaven directory brings manny direct to me

a big thanks to mario at wax heaven for sharing the wealth! as many of you know, he created a directory that allows his readers to claim cards obtained from the manufacturers who provide product for mario to review. all it costs is round trip postage! although i was too late to sign up for kershaw, martin or kemp, i was able to reserve manny ramirez!

the first sase yielded the following cards:

2009 topps gold parallel 2009 topps base
2009 topps base postseason highlights
and a bonus - 2008 upper deck sweet spot
i'm glad manny re-signed with the dodgers, so i won't be getting any photoshopped giants cards later on in the year!

thanks again mario! i am sending another sase soon, as i see you have a couple more mannys.

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night owl said...

"photoshopped Giants"