10 March 2009

owlways something good

from the night owl. i don't know who owes who at this point, and that is one of the things that i love about trading cards with you guys. here are a few of the great cards i received recently from greg:

1980 topps ted martinez doing a great oscar gamble if oscar gamble were a chipmunk impression. i have to imagine it would have kinda sucked to be a backup middle infielder for the dodgers in the late 80s in terms of playing time, although martinez did appear in 81 games for the blue in 1979.

1990 fleer rick dempsey.
dempsey had a horrible year at the plate for the dodgers in 1989. almost as bad as his 1987 season with the tribe. it's a good thing he played well in 1988 backing up scioscia.

2009 upper deck matt kemp promo coupon thingy.

manufactured stuff sucks, usually. even matt kemp manufactured stuff. but i still wanted this card. all of these things i got were of ken griffey jr which is fine but it's still not matt kemp, the bison, my baseball salvation.

2002 upper deck vladimir guerrero
i miss the expos. vladdy, looking ever skyward...

telling someone up there to quiet down, apparently.
and i think that's torii hunter lurking in the background. it makes for a nice card, but i am not a fan of the chest pumping, finger pointing stuff. too bondsian. if you're going to showboat, do the rickey shoulder flick or the dave henderson pirouette.

finally, 2008 topps allen & ginter pat neshek.
everyone's favorite blogging, side-arming setup guy. i am getting so close to completing this set i can almost taste it. almost.

thanks greg. i have another package going out to you today. and this time, i paid attention to your want list.

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night owl said...

"I don't know who owes who ..."

Yeah, I'm losing track of that stuff, too. Ain't it cool?