16 March 2009

a babe ruth final tribute

in a dodgers' uniform?i know the 1962 topps 'babe ruth special' subset card of the bambino in the boston braves jersey would be a more appropriate final tribute, but it doesn't include his complete career stats on the back. this one does, and it's the only one of the cards i own, so it will do.

it's strange that ruth wore the dodgers' jersey. he desperately wanted to manage, but found no takers, so he took a job coaching first for the dodgers in 1938. it was the last uniform he would wear during a major league game.

he did put the yankee pinstripes on again for a few appearances at yankee stadium, most famously on june 13, 1948 at the 25th anniversary of yankee stadium celebration (which would turn out to be his final public appearance) as documented so perfectlly in nathaniel fein's pulitzer prize winning photo, 'the babe bows out'.

that, friends, is a final tribute image.

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