27 February 2015

turning two in front of signs

here's former twin denny hocking turning two on his 1995 upper deck electric diamond parallel card
two things strike me on this card, aside from the pivot at second base.  first, that's the big hurt sliding in, and second, there is an ad for a florida (either fort myers or sarasota) liquor store on the outfield fence in the background.

likewise, there is a big ol' hot dog in the background of roberto alomar's 1997 upper deck collector's choice orioles team set card
that distracts from the play at hand.

the outfield wall at the oakland coliseum shows up on homer bush's 1998 pacific online card
the red ball and blue 's' is part of the sports channel ad in right-center.

nothing much to see in the background of this 2003 topps orlando cabrera card
so let's move on to michael young's 2005 upper deck first pitch card
sean casey is sliding in hard to break up the turn, which is nice to see.  the ad on the wall in the background here is for a wyler car dealership somewhere in the greater ohio area.

this 2008 upper deck brendan harris card
runs on dunkin'.

not sure who let this edgar renteria card, also from 2008 upper deck,
in this post with nothing but green growing things in the background.

here's a 2009 topps stephen drew card two ways - base
and gold parallel
with a scoreboard in the background

at least on troy tulowitzki's 2011 topps card
we have a partial ad (although not a static sign) to go along with a partial scoreboard.

i'm not sure if that's an ad or a partial logo on the wall behind sean coyle on his 2011 topps heritage minors card
but i am pretty sure it's a replica of the green monster that the thing is hanging on.  i believe most of the red sox minor league affiliates play in stadiums that replicate the fenway park experience.

meanwhile, though he's not in fenway, here's dustin pedroia turning two on his 2014 topps stadium club card
sportscenter may be up next, but i prefer mlb tonight on the mlb network.

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JediJeff said...

I'm thinking that top one is Fort Myers. That is definitely a spring training shot, and the Twinkies have been in Ft Myers since the early 90s.