20 February 2015

be still my hearts, it's pretty much the team of my youth

this is the third suit of cards from the dodger playing card set known as the 2005 baseball hero deck. it features mostly members of the 1981 and 1988 world championship teams, with most of the players being from the 1970's teams of my youth.

here are the cards:
if you moved don sutton from the queen of hearts to the ace, and put rick monday in the set at number 8 instead of claude osteen, it would be the team of my youth from ace to 9.  as it is, orel hershiser is the ace with steve yeager catching, the infield of garvey, lopes, cey, and russell (yes, it was difficult for me to put them in that order), and the outfield of dusty baker and reggie smith, with starting pitcher osteen thrown in between them.  burt hooton, fernando valenzuela, sutton, and 1988 mvp kirk gibson round out the subset.

it would have made sense to switch osteen (a member of the 1965 world championship team) with bill buckner (a member of the 1974 pennant winning team) who was featured in the diamond suit, but no big deal.  any of the pitchers featured in this suit could have been considered the ace of the team at one point or another.

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