07 February 2015

some firsts for 2015

i picked up a value box, blaster, and a couple of loose packs of 2015 topps the other day.  i opened the value box first, and these cards were inside.

first card i saw - jd martinez
first dodger - brandon league
first former dodger - adrian beltre checklist
first insert - daniel norris gold parallel
first base card version of a gold parallel - daniel norris
first card of a retired dodger who probably won't have a base card in the set but got an insert - josh beckett
first albert pujols insert of the year - free agent albert pujols
first insert that made me wonder 'why is this a card'? - bruce sutter baseball history
we already have the 'highlight of the year' insert - what purpose do these 'baseball history' inserts serve, especially if the events are as mundane as a 2-inning shutout stint from bruce sutter?

first 1st home run insert - freddie freeman
first old guy/young guy insert - willie stargell and andrew mccutchen
first base card that made me scratch my head - evan gattis
is he still qualifying as a 'future star'?

first double play turn - jedd gyorko
first double play turn by a newly acquired dodger - howie kendrick
first bryce harper card - bryce harper
i seem to pull a lot of bryce harper cards.

first card i wanted to tear apart - brandon crawford
second card i wanted to tear up, but…respect - madison bumgarner gold parallel
first thought on these cards - not my favorite design. maybe it will grow on me.

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