27 February 2015

the day's third post of turning two

just a few more double play cards to show off, including a couple of nefarious 9 cards.  of course, i am still looking for a second copy of this 2014 topps update justin turner camo parallel
for the double play binder, but i've taken the card off of the most wanted list.

here's a 1994 donruss barry larkin card
along with the special edition parallel
how about a 1994 topps stadium club kevin stocker card?
it comes with a nice leg whip courtesy of some nefarious padre player.

here's a 2002 fleer box score mike moriarty card
second base shows up just to the left of his right foot. since he was primarily a shortstop, i am choosing to believe that he swiped the bag with his foot and is setting up for the throw to first to complete the dp.  

this one is more obvious - 2011 topps chrome elvis andrus
here's the other former nefarious 9 card - 2014 topps alex guerrero target red parallel
i can't wait for some 2015 dodger double play cards!

since you've made it through these fairly mindless double play posts today, i'll let you know that i'm heading to the local card show tomorrow.  need anything?

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