06 February 2015

trevor wilson's not taking any calls at this time

it goes without saying that when you win the nl west for just the third time as the giants did in 1989 (although it was the second time in three years), you don't want to be disturbed.  so, while you've got your championship t-shirt and embroidered cap on, go ahead and use that roll of duct tape to hold down the switch hook.  isn't that correct, trevor wilson?
man. this 1990 upper deck card sees tim stoddard's 1981 topps card and raises it by a roll of duct tape.  just think - a rotary phone and duct tape on a baseball card.  maybe there's a card out there with a transistor radio and a wire hanger antennae.


John Miller said...

I have this card in my tee shirt mini collection and never noticed the duct tape and old phone!

Nick said...

This is probably one of my favorite cards from early UD. The rotary phone cameo tops it off for me.