16 February 2015

an emblem and a patch for the victims of the i-35w bridge collapse

earlier today i posted about the memorial patch that the twins wore during the 2007 season to honor their long time play-by-play broadcaster herb carneal who had passed away just before the start of the season.  i also lamented the lack of cards featuring photos of twins playing in the metrodome.  one such card that i didn't show in that post was this 2009 upper deck joe mauer card.
it features a photo of mauer from 2007, since the carneal patch is there on his right sleeve.  however, this card is in my memorials binder because of the emblem on the helmet.  it's a modified interstate shield for i-35w, the route that travels through minneapolis, and the route on which the bridge over the mississippi river collapsed on the evening of august 1 not too far from the metrodome.  thirteen people died in the collapse.  here's another photo of mauer showing the sticker on his helmet.
in addition to the twins' memorial, the independent minor league saint paul saints wore black armbands in memory of the victims of the collapse.
a year later, the twins added patches (here's a close-up look)
to their jersey sleeves on the one-year anniversary of the collapse as seen in this photo of justin morneau
by that time, the replacement bridge was nearly completed.  three years later, a remembrance garden with permanent memorials for the victims was completed near the site of the river crossing.

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