07 February 2015

a couple packs and a blaster worth of cards

more 2015 topps cards from my recent purchase. these all came from a couple of loose packs and a blaster.

clayton kershaw highlight/checklist

clayton kershaw league leader (wins)
nice of topps to use a different kershaw photo from that on the checklist above or his base card.  no such dice for adrian gonzalez, whose image on the rbi league leader card
is the same as his base

here's andrew heaney
who was a dodger for a few short moments this offseason

eric sogard
this would be a good year to be an a's collector.  i was one, once, around 1981.

masahiro tanaka
like evan gattis in my last post, i am left wondering why tanaka gets the future stars foil.  it used to be that you graduated from future star status on cards once you made the all-rookie team.

trevor cahill
not a good game face.

i did ok with the inserts from a dodger perspective - i pulled two cards from the jackie robinson story - #3
and #10
plus 1st home run inserts of paul konerko
(need his base final tribute), and yasiel puig
these seemed to be the most prevalent insert. i also pulled matt adams
jason heyward
jose abreu
who also has the future stars/rookie cup thing going on on his base card
here are some archetypes inserts - mark mcgwire
mike trout
cal ripken
and yoenis cespedes
who also shares space with jim rice on the red sox version of the inspired play insert
here's matt harvey and tom terrific on the mets version
i found a fair number of red sox inserts, including the two above.  this is a mookie betts robbed card
plus a first pitch from meb keflezighi, marathon winner
the phillies were also represented - this is the only rainbow foil card i pulled, and it's of marlon byrd
this is a jim bunning baseball history insert
i can think of other history being made in the baseball world in 1955

how about a mike schmidt highlight of the season card?
followed by yankees.  here's babe ruth on his own highlight of the season card
plus a babe ruth's call your shot game card
this thoroughly confused me, until i discovered that this card is not a game card, just a coupon.  the game cards are scratch offs.

from the sultan of swat to the straw that stirs the drink, reggie jackson makes an appearance on a free agent insert
as i hold out hope that steve garvey is on the series 2 checklist.  any insert set that honors free agency's anniversary should include andy messersmith, but topps ignored rick monday with their 1965 draft cards last year, so i don't expect to see messersmith.  garvey has a better, although very slight, chance.

finally, here's the commemorative 1st home run medallion i pulled.  derek jeter
although i would have preferred a base jeter/final tribute card.  maybe in the pack i pick up with the 50 cent coupon.


Tim B. said...

If you're looking to unload that Jeter First Home Run, I'd love to trade for it!

Nick said...

I pulled the same two "Jackie Robinson Story" inserts from a few packs yesterday.

Mark Hoyle said...

I would be interested in any Red Sox