20 February 2015

here are dodgers in spades

here's the fourth and last suit of cards from the 2005 baseball hero deck of dodgers.  the more recent players are featured as spades.  i use 'most recent' broadly, as this group spans from the 1980's to 2005...
eric gagne is the only reliever to crack the aces in the set.  mike scioscia at catcher is nice, even though he finished his time with the dodgers in 1992.  eric karros at first, steve sax at second, adrian beltre at third, and cesar izturis at short. an outfield of gary sheffield, milton bradley, and shawn green, plus ramon martinez, hideo nomo, kevin brown, and mike piazza as the high numbered 'bench' cards.

this is a cool little oddball set.

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Mark Hoyle said...

I like these. I've picked up a Reggie Smith and a Jim Lonborg from a Phillies deck