26 February 2015

these are my 'type' of cards

abstract expressionism.

(lyrics by vernon reid).  

i used to listen to some living colour. i saw them in concert a couple of times, including once when they opened for the rolling stones on the 'steel wheels' tour. that was in la at the coliseum along with guns n' roses, who were an la only add on the tour.  good times, but i digress.

i was recently motivated to pick up the dodgers from the 1996 topps gallery set, plus one white sox card.  these 1996 topps gallery cards cover many different types of artistry.  while i avoided taking art history in college, i do enjoy a good museum and i have some pretty clear preferences when it comes to paintings and specific artists.

on to the cards.  here's mike piazza
he's a master.  the card is a sort of precursor to the upper deck masterpieces sets, except that only the background on this card has the canvas look to it.

eric karros
and ramon martinez
represent 'the classics', while hideo nomo
and a double play turning ray durham
are 'new editions'.  i don't know what that means.  to me, 'the classics' refers to roman and greek art, primarily sculpture.  maybe a marble bust of eric karros and his fabio-hair would have been appropriate.

roger cedeno
and karim garcia
are 'the futurists'.  futurism was big in italy about 100 years ago.

raul mondesi
and ismael valdes
represent 'the modernists'.  this looks like cubism to me, and i like it. i enjoy works by paul klee, mark rothko (more abstract expressionism), and the like.

too bad there weren't any cards using the pointillism technique, but then again, aren't these cards just a bunch of little dots on cardboard?


Brian said...

I would have liked the Futurist cards if they were in the style of Futurism - all those Upper Deck multiple exposure cards are probably as close as it gets.

defgav said...

Love that Living Colour song! Oh, cool cards, too.

Fuji said...

I sure do miss Topps Gallery. One of these days I'm going to track down a cheap box of this stuff to bust.

Bru said...

I'd say those last two are odes to Piet Mondrian. Neoplasticism probably doesn't fit the cards well, though.