10 February 2015

random relics

relic cards aren't the draw that they used to be, that's for sure. questions about authenticity and overproduction have removed much of the luster from them.  the novelty that persuaded me to pay $20 for a pack of pacific game used back in 2001, only to get a piece of neifi perez's bat has certainly worn off.  these days, relic cards are practically a dime a dozen.

with that said, here are 10 that i am happy to have in my collection, even though they've been wallowing in my scanned folder without a post to display them for quite some time.  i'll note what each relic is, based on the guarantee on the back of the card.

2002 upper deck sp legendary cuts pee wee reese game used jersey
2005 upper deck classics bill russell game used pants
2005 upper deck classics pedro guerrero game used jersey
2001 upper deck sp game bat edition gary sheffield game used bat
2003 upper deck honor roll hideo nomo game used jersey
2004 donruss throwback threads hideo nomo game worn jersey
2004 upper deck vintage hideo nomo game used jersey
2004 upper deck shawn green game used jersey
because shawn green probably has the most dodger relic cards of anyone out there - at least from the peak era of relic cards.

2005 topps opening day paul loduca game worn jersey
you can see where the dodger script patch was removed from this particular swatch

2010 topps heritage james loney game worn jersey
on all of the cards except loney's, the guarantee on the back specifically ties the jersey, bat, or pants to the player on the front of the card and notes that said jersey, bat, or pants were worn or used in an official major league baseball game.  there is no guarantee on the back of loney's card, only the mention of "game-worn jersey" on the front.  i am left to assume that it is loney's jersey, but who knows for sure? also left unsaid is in what sort of game was this jersey worn?

i know this has all been said before, but i needed a vehicle to get these cards out of the scanned folder.  i'm still collecting these, by the way, as long as there's a dodger on the front of the card.

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Matthew Scott said...

I love the Legendary Cuts sets