25 February 2015

i ran into the fuzz at the card shop

a new (yes, new!) card shop opened up in the twin cities about a year ago.  one of the owners is also one of the 'vintage bargain bin guys' from the local shows.  he's the one that sold me my 1955 topps sandy koufax card, in fact.

it took me a while to get over there, but i finally did a few weeks ago.  the store is packed with not just cards, but various pieces of memorabilia and pretty much every kind of sports collectible you could think of.  amid the bobbleheads and pennants, there was a shelf that had a bunch of smaller complete sets on it. boxed sets, like the fleer sets of the 80's and 90's, along with some mail-in sets and some stadium giveaway sets.  it was there that i found a 1993 dodgers police set for $3.

started in 1980, the police sets were, like the later mother's and keebler sets, a good way to get some of the deeper roster players on a card.  and, there were coaches!  i know i have belabored that point recently, but i'm not sorry about it.  here's the coaches card from the 1993 dodger police set
that's manny mota, joey amalfitano, ron roenicke, ben hines, tommy lasorda, ron perranoski, joe ferguson, and mark cresse.

lasorda also got a card of his own
with the one of the outfield pavilions in the background.

ramon martinez was still king of the hill at dodger stadium in 1993
and his little brother pedro was there with him
boyhood friends eric davis
and darryl strawberry
roamed the outfield at chavez ravine, with disappointing results.

the 1993 set was the one that featured lance parrish, despite the fact that he never did suit up in a big league game for the dodgers.  i've shown the front of parrish's card before - i bought it as a single to document his dodgerdom - so here's the back
one reason that parrish never got the call from the dodger brass was the play of a rookie catcher named mike piazza
piazza went on to win the rookie of the year award and hold the dodgers' catching job for about 5 years before he was traded to the marlins.

i'm not sure which card in the set is more desirable - the pedro or the piazza - but i am sure that jody reed's card
is probably not in the running.


Brian said...

What a great find for a Twin Cities shop! Oddball Twins or Brewers would be expected, but that's pretty cool.

Nick said...

I'm still waiting for the day when a new card shop opens around here. Especially one that carries great oddball team sets like this one.

Tim B. said...

Great set(and find)! I've got a few singles from these sets in the early '80's time frame if you're interested.