19 September 2014

just super

just a quick post to show three cards from my collection, each of them literally super.  from 1970 topps super, here's willie davis.
i understand that this is a short print, as is the only other dodgers in the set - claude osteen.  i showed my osteen card a long time ago, complete with the writing on the front, thanks to a trade with mark from stats on the back.  hope he's doing well.

anyway, osteen also appeared in the 1971 topps super set, and i have one of those without writing on the front
however, the printing is off or the card is miscut as you can tell by the blank space across the bottom.  the same thing is happening on wes parker's 1971 topps super card
the other dodger in the 1971 set is dick allen, and my copy of that card seems to be ok.

topps revisited the 'super' idea in 1980 with a thinner stock, more standard size, and non-rounded corners. they did it again in 1981, and the number of dodgers in the checklist was greatly increased due to a 'home team' regional release.  i find it interesting that reggie smith appeared in both the 1971 topps super set (as a member of the red sox) and the 1981 topps super set (with a big 'fro).

i could see these early 1970's versions of the 'super' line as box toppers to a product like archives, but i don't think topps is missing out by not having produced them over the last 30+ years, especially as a stand alone set.


Mark said...

I am doing well. Thanks. Stats on the Back is also back for now!

Matthew Scott said...

Claude Osteen seems to be more of a hockey name.