04 September 2014

the indians' steve olin and tim crews memorial patch

here's steve olin's 1991 upper deck card.
i posted earlier today about the memorial patch that the dodgers wore for tim crews, who died along with olin in a boating accident during spring training in 1993.  although he had not pitched for the indians during the regular season, the indians' memorial patch worn during the 1993 season recognized crews as well as olin, one of their young stars.  olin had been the team's closer for the two years prior to his death, saving 29 games with a 2.34 era in 1992.  he was only 26 when he died.

the patch that the tribe wore included olin's number 31 with an arrow pointing up, and crews' number 52 under a star within a baseball
another teammate, bob ojeda, had been in the boat with the two relievers, and survived only because he was slouching in his seat.  his 1994 topps card
is especially powerful because the patch is visible on his right sleeve.  i have this card in my memorials binder even though it is not the best example of the patch.

better examples include carlos baerga's 1994 donruss card
reggie jefferson's 1994 topps card
and even a 2012 topps 1987 mini albert belle card
but in the end i chose between jim thome's 1994 donruss card
and his 1994 stadium club card
with the stadium club card getting the nod.

there really is no other word than tragic to describe the loss of olin and crews, both of whom left behind  young families.


--David said...

Awesome post about these guys and that awful accident.

Swing And A Pop-up said...

I was working 3rd shift at a Circle K when I read about it in that mornings paper. Very tragic.