02 September 2014

do we realize how good he was?

yesterday marked 32 years exactly since manny mota last played in a major league game, although he's worn his dodger uniform almost every year since.  mota finally retired from coaching in 2013, and the team was a little quick to put number 11 back in circulation, in my opinion.  here's manny's 1978 sspc card, by the way.
many, including myself, think of mota the player as a pinch-hitting specialist which is understandable given the fact that he set the record for career pinch-hits in 1979 while wearing dodger blue.  however, did you know that among all of the players who have suited up for the brooklyn/los angeles franchise and logged more than 1500 at bats with the team, mota is 8th all-time in batting average?  furthermore, his .315 mark trails only mike piazza and his .331 clip among los angeles dodgers who fit that criteria.

the things we can learn from baseball-reference...

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