08 September 2014

the bob murphy memorial patch

bob murphy was one of the mets' broadcasters for over 50 years.  he had worked for the red sox and orioles prior to joining the expansion mets in 1962, and he broadcast games on tv (until 1982) and radio for the club from then through the 2003 season.  following his death in august of 2004, the club added a 'bob murphy' patch to their left sleeves for the remainder of the season.  you can see part of the patch on this 2007 upper deck steve trachsel card
by the way, trachsel is shown pitching in the september 11, 2004 game as evidenced by his new york fire department hat.  

the card that represents the bob murphy memorial in my collection is this 2005 upper deck origins mike piazza relic
murphy won the ford c. frick award from the hall of fame in 1994, and the radio booth at shea stadium (and later citi field) bore his name.  i did not realize until now that his brother was jack murphy, a san diego sportswriter who had a stadium named after him.  that's tough to top, but i'm sure bob murphy held his own at thanksgiving.

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