06 September 2014

too many sorianos and yet not enough

i posted earlier today about three different packages i received from dennis at too many verlanders in the semi-recent past.  one of the packages came as a result of him asking folks to claim stacks of certain cards as part of his 'spring cleaning giveaway/contest'.  i claimed a stack of alfonso soriano cards, mostly back from his days as a second baseman, hoping for maybe a black armband or some double play turns.  here are some of the cards that i received.
starting in the upper left, we have a 2003 fleer tradition update 1963 fleer insert, 2000 upper deck victory, 1999 topps hd, 2002 leaf rookies & stars, 2003 leaf, 2001 topps chrome traded rookie reprints, 2005 fleer national pastime, 2008 upper deck sweet spot, and 2001 topps stadium club.  he's got a black armband on the last card, so that would most likely be for the club's former manager bob lemon (official memorial post coming soon).

there were no double plays in the stack, but i did uncover this 2005 topps heritage soriano twin killing card elsewhere in my collection
in the process, i stumbled across a few more that i hadn't shown on the blog yet.  here's a 1998 fleer tradition homer bush card
bush was made expendable by the yankees once soriano arrived on the scene, and he was dealt to the blue jays with david wells in the roger clemens deal.  here's bush turning two again, this time as a blue jay on a 2000 fleer impact card
last but not least, and in no way tied to soriano that i can think of, other than soriano stumbled to rob steve lombardozzi jr of a hit earlier this season, here is a 1988 score card of steve lombardozzi sr
i think i missed this one because second base is so dirty, but that's a dp turn fo sho.

thanks for the cards dennis!

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