09 September 2014

new platinum dream

i took a shot at some 2014 bowman platinum when running through the local target last week.  i picked up one of those value packs - 3 packs plus the 3-card purple refractor pack.  i did ok for a dodger fan.

yasiel puig gold parallel
corey seager prospects base
seager is only 20 but hit .345 in a half season at double-a.  i wonder who the stop-gap shortstop will be for the next year or two - arruebarrena? alex guerrero? dee gordon?  can one of them play third?

byron buxton die-cut cutting edge stars insert
i would be more excited about this card if i were a twins fan.  lots of optimism here in the twin cities these days after the debuts of danny santana and kennys vargas.

anthony rizzo
cubs prospect is an all-star but is also already old news.

here are the purple refractors, plus a random base giant
andrew susac is up with the big club backing up buster posey, luis sardinas is also up with the suddenly very bad rangers, but lucas sims is still in high-a ball.  too bad that card came to me too late to send it to wes as part of the world cup of trading.

i beat the odds with my pack by pulling an autograph.  this is jake sweaney, phillies prospect.
dude's from bakersfield (former home to a dodger farm team) and is only 19 years old.  i picked up a chrome blaster, too - those cards will pop up here later today.