24 September 2014

packs are sometimes the best medicine

i was in a walgreen's a couple of weeks ago, and on the way to the pharmacy counter, i decided to detour and buy a repack.  only there were no repacks - only hanger packs of 2014 topps series 1.  i was shocked.  the last time i saw current baseball cards for sale in a drug store, i was 9 in downtown los angeles picking up a pack of 1980 topps that netted me a reggie smith card.  this time around, the only dodger was a bunting dee gordon.
i won't bore you with the base cards because i didn't scan any of them other than dee.  instead, here are the inserts.  

upper class albert belle
he's got some trick-or-treaters in his sights.

all rookie cup team johnny bench
the insert that celebrates the rookie cup does not have a rookie cup on it.

the future is now yoenis cespedes
his future does not include the 2014 postseason, and that may not be in the a's future, either.

green parallel jonny gomes world series game 4 highlight
the twins' announcers the other night kept calling yan gomes jonny, and i was confused.  this gomes is now on the a's as he was part of the cespedes deal.

red hot foil dayan viciedo
i've got a bunch of dodger red hot foil cards that i need to show at some point.  i kinda like these things.

last, but not least, a camouflage parallel of justin upton
better to get justin than melvin (aka bossman junior).  not as nice as kate in camo (sandals), but she's not in the set.

even after opening this pack, i still wanted a repack.  off to target...


The Junior Junkie said...

I thought Viciedo was Frank Thomas for a moment there...

Nick said...

2014 Topps in a Walgreens? That's a new one. Nice pull on the Upton!

JediJeff said...