17 September 2014

for the love of sax, avert your eyes!

i can't help myself. 

i picked up another dodger featured in the slasher set known as 2008 tristar signa cuts.  this time, it's steve sax and a butchered version of his 1985 donruss card that joins the collection.
 it looks better (relatively) rotated.
saxy! i used to keep my batting gloves in my uniform pants just like that - fingers out - because that's how sax did it.

unfortunately, i don't have a full card of sax to cleanse your palette, so instead, here is a randomly selected 1997 fleer mike blowers card
blowers preferred to clutch his batting gloves apparently; perhaps he was concerned about pickpockets.

i've got my eye on another signa cut card, but i'm not sure i will pull the trigger or not.  if i do, i'll be sure to warn you ahead of time so that you can properly prepare for the cardboard desecration.


Matthew Scott said...

I have a few cut signatures in my collection. Still to do this day I can't decided if I actually like them.

night owl said...

You're running out of cards to buy aren't you?

gcrl said...

Ha. You may well be correct.

Fuji said...

I totally tucked my batting glove into my back pocket when playing little league... just didn't realize it was a Sax thing.

Maybe you'll be the one collector that can appreciate my Steve Sax Signa Cuts: