09 September 2014

chrome blaster time

i didn't make it past the card aisle during a recent trip to target without grabbing some product.  in addition to the 2014 bowman platinum value pack i mentioned this morning, i grabbed a 2014 topps chrome blaster (with purple refractors) and a value pack (with orange refractors), too.  i had one of those topps coupons which took $3 off the blaster price.  good for me.  anyway, i came away with some dodgers

erisbel arruebarrena
welcome to the blog, erisbel.

kenley jansen
matt kemp
that was it for dodgers, unfortunaely.  no blue refractor parallels which are usually so nice.  i used to buy 2 boxes every year of flagship, plus one of chrome, and one of traded.  i haven't done that for a while, but i considered buying a full box of chrome this year.  i think i'll stick with the blaster.  here are some of the other cards i pulled.

a couple of joses - bautista
and fernandez
buster posey
if i don't pull a ryan braun card, i get a buster posey card.  or hunter pence.  i get way too many hunter pence cards.

oscar taveras
dude homered in his first big league game, but only has 2 since.

mike trout
trout's about the same age as taveras (22).  that's what a real phenom looks like.

enny romero refractor
one start in 2013 earned him a card in the set.  ponderous.

ivan nova orange refractor and regular refractor
if i had to get what essentially amounts to doubles of a yankee, i guess i'm glad it's not cc sabathia.

another yankee, jacoby ellsbury, for my die-cut insert
cj cron xfractor
with a phantom high-five

here's a grouping of other refractory things - kyle seager, matt adams xfractor, homer bailey, and jean segura orange refractor
and now the purple refractors from the blaster - hisashi iwakuma, christian yelich, jonathan lucroy, edwin encarnacion
last but not least, an orange refractor that fits into one of my mini collections - a double play turn by jurickson profar
now i'm just waiting for update...

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arpsmith said...

There is no such thing as too many Hunter Pence cards :-)