01 September 2014

the elrod hendricks memorial patch

i've shown this 2007 upper deck chris britton card before, due to the '44' patch on his left sleeve worn in honor of elrod hendricks
but i wanted to do a more formal post focusing just on the hendricks memorial patch so you have to see it again.  actually, the card in my collection that represents this memorial is this 2006 fleer tradition melvin mora relic card
i never did find a card featuring the orange version of the patch, seen here in this photo from getty images
hendricks had three stints with the orioles as a player, but only wore 44 in his final turn - a turn that saw him appear in just 14 games between the 1978 and 1979 seasons.  however, he wore that number for another 28 years as the team's bullpen coach.  hendricks passed away in december of 2005, one day shy of his 65th birthday.

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