10 June 2014

turning chris cannizzaro candids into cards that should have been

a long time ago, johngy asked for a 1973 topps chris cannizzaro card.  i tried to oblige, but what resulted was a pretty crappy colorization of a black and white photo.  then, about a year and a half ago, reader eric alerted me to some photos from 1972 and 1973 made available by topps that showed cannizzaro in a dodger uni.  color photos at that!

i grabbed the images and just recently spent some time trying to improve upon my first shot at creating the 1973 topps chris cannizzaro card that should have been.  here's what i came up with.
the first one and this next one suffer from close-cropping in an attempt to avoid the watermark/avoid trying to photoshop the watermark out
this third one might be my favorite, thanks to the holman stadium background
i did spend some time getting rid of the watermark on that one.

same goes for this one
a lot of these photos look like they came from candlestick
on two separate occasions
here he's back in vero beach
and here's the last one
i suppose i should have used some of these for a 1974 topps card that should have been, since he was omitted from that set, too, after spending the 1973 season with the dodgers.  heck, i should have photoshopped a couple of them into padres unis and made a better version of his 1975 topps card as well.

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