28 June 2014

dodger lurker time

they may not always be the main focus of the card, but i'll take dodgers on cardboard any way i can find them.  sometimes, that means that i have to keep a card of a giant, as is the case with bengie molina's 2009 upper deck card
which features andre ethier lurking in the background while also beating the throw home.

plays at the plate are good places to find lurkers, and tom prince does not disappoint on lance johnson's 1999 fleer tradition card
prince held on to the ball, but i believe johnson was safe, assuming that this is the lone scoring or potential scoring play from the april 26, 1998 game that featured these two guys.  it looks like it was a sunny day in socal that day.

another dodger catcher, mike scioscia, shows up on the back of johnny ray's 1989 upper deck card
thanks to the annual freeway series that precedes every regular season.

here's jeff treadway getting some face-less time on robb nen's 1995 upper deck card
while jeff hamilton finds spike owen waiting for him on owen's 1991 upper deck card
finally, we have raul mondesi trying to beat the throw on brant brown's 1997 topps stadium club card
he did not, but he did get to appear on the card for which i am thankful.

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