03 June 2014

1989 topps cards that should have been of 1978 topps dodgers - don sutton gets a final tribute

it has been a while since i last updated the evolution of the players who were featured as dodgers in the 1978 topps set.  in that most recent post, i mentioned some cards that should have been from 1989.  here's what i was talking about.

1989 topps don sutton
sutton got a box bottom card from topps, but not a true final tribute.  this takes care of that.  here's the back
this was why i went so long between posts - i finally sat down and spent the time needed to get all those numbers on there.  i'm not looking forward to the tommy john final tribute back, i can tell you that.

score was the only card company to give sutton a regular card in 1989, since he was released by the dodgers in august.  it was curious that score didn't include him in their 1988 rookie/traded set, but put him in the flagship.  whatever, i'm just happy that for the second year in a row (they also made the only steve garvey final tribute in 1988), score came through for me
here's the back
there were only two seasons in sutton's career in which he didn't win at least 11 games, and his truncated 1988 final season was one of them.

here's the other card missing from topps in 1989 - the 1989 topps traded rick rhoden card
rhoden was traded from the yankees to the astros prior to the 1989 season, but didn't fit onto topps' traded set checklist.  i'm sure if it had been the other way around, topps would have been able to find room for another yankee in the set.

well, there you have it - two cards that should have been in 1989.  stay tuned for the 1978 topps dodgers as they were in 1990...

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