09 June 2014

a rockies' memorial patch for michael mcmorris

jerry mcmorris was one of the original owners of the colorado rockies.  in march of 1996, his 32-year old son, michael dean mcmorris, died from cystic fibrosis, a disease that had been diagnosed when he was a child.  the team wore memorial patches on their right sleeves with his initials - mdm.

here's mark thompson's 1997 topps card which displays the patch  
as does kevin ritz's 1997 fleer ultra card
which also features a lurking dodger, todd hollandsworth (much like walt weiss' 1997 upper deck collector's choice card that i showed yesterday).

the card that represents the memorial in the binder is this 1997 fleer dante bichette card
the elder mcmorris sold his interest in the team to his partners in the mid 2000's, and did not receive a similar memorial following his passing in 2012.

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