14 June 2014

tatooine grab bag

i understand that filming of the next star wars movie is underway in the united kingdom and abu dhabi. that likely means more tatooine.  maybe the skywalkers will take in a ballgame together while they are there.  you know, because sometimes baseball cards make it look like the game is played in the desert sands of tatooine.  for example...

...here's adrian beltre getting back to the bag on his 2004 upper deck card
while damion easley does the same on his 1998 topps card
as does bubba trammell on his 1998 upper deck card
roger cedeno got to second base while carrying his helmet like a football on his 1997 topps card
orlando hudson tries not to lose the pop up in the suns of tatooine on his 2004 topps card
while reed johnson launches one on his 2004 topps card
russell martin's 2008 topps stadium club card features a nice tatooine play at the plate
while joe mauer's 2010 bowman chrome card features an oddly cropped tatooine play at the plate
some more desert shots - 2008 upper deck jake peavy season highlights
1996 upper deck collector's choice jeff blauser (a double play turn aftermath)
and a lance parrish card, also from 1996 upper deck collector's choice.
it turns out, the parrish is a final tribute, as he did not return to the major leagues following the 1995 season. here are his career stats
not shown, his short stay (10 minor league games) in the dodger organization in 1993.


Tony L. said...

I'd forgotten how Lance Parrish ended up playing for 2/3 of major league baseball before they ripped the jersey off his back...

JediJeff said...

That UD Peavy is straight up gorgeous.

Nick said...

That Mauer is easily one of the strangest cards I've ever seen.