07 June 2014

more 1997 double plays

card companies produced a lot of cards in 1997.  some featured double play turns.  here are a few more.

1997 upper deck collector's choice nomar garciaparra big shots insert
there were many other dp cards in collector's choice that year - i'll get to some of them later.

here's a 1997 topps stadium club ray durham card
with derek jeter making a cameo

less exciting is this carlos garcia card from stadium club
even though it's a 'members only parallel'.

mark grudzielanek goes horizontal in a cloud of dust on his stadium club card
i think that's jason kendall playing the part of pig pen.

barry larkin takes a flying leap over tyler houston on his stadium club card
now, back to 1997 ud collector's choice

craig biggio turns two over barry bonds
and i believe alex gonzalez is trying to avoid a slide aimed at breaking up two on his card
i also believe that andujar cedeno has run through the force out at second and mickey morandini tries to complete the double play on morandini's card from the set
he was unsuccessful.  i believe this thanks to baseball reference and cedeno's short amount of time spent with the pads in 1996.

no baseball reference for spring training games, but this is definitely a turn by pokey reese
last but certainly not least is a card that could fit into four of my mini collections.  first, it's walt weiss turning two on his 1997 ud collector's choice card
second, he's doing it in dodger stadium.   third, raul mondesi makes a lurking appearance.  and, fourth, weiss is wearing a memorial patch.  i only need three copies of this card, however, as there's a different rockies card in the memorial binder for that particular patch.  that post will be up tomorrow.

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