09 June 2014

the cal ripken sr memorial patch

i know i quickly addressed the cal ripken sr memorial patch back in my early days of memorial collecting, but i didn't really give it its due.

here are a few cards that feature the '7' patch that the orioles wore in honor of ripken following his passing in march of 1999.

2000 topps stadium club chrome mike bordick
and 2000 upper deck jerry hairston jr
are both turning two, which is nice.

the patch is seen on charles johnson's 2000 topps card
and a bunch of albert belle cards - 2000 fleer ultra
2000 pacific paramount
2000 upper deck hitter's club
and 2000 upper deck
the card that best represents the memorial, however, is the 2000 upper deck cal ripken jr checklist
ripken sr spent 36 seasons in the orioles' organization as a player, coach, and manager.  he managed his sons at the major league level, and played a part in virtually every oriole player's career as a minor league manager, big league coach, and/or major league manager from 1961 until his death.  after ripken sr was fired as the team's manager early in the 1988 season, his son billy switched his uniform number to his father's number 7.  when ripken sr returned to the team's coaching staff in 1989, he took the number back, and it is worth noting that no oriole has worn the number 7 since he passed away.

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