07 June 2014

1997 double plays on the wall

double play cards keep seeping out of my collection and into my scanned folder.  today, i have a bunch from 1997 that haven't been previously seen here on the blog.

first up, 1997 upper deck derek jeter rock solid foundation subset card
it is weird to think that after this season, no yankee will ever wear a single-digit jersey again.  numbers 1-9 will all be retired (although they may wait to retire jeter's until next season).  number 8 is even retired twice - for bill dickey and yogi berra.

1997 best miguel tejada
a minor league dp!

1997 bowman felix martinez
martinez played in the majors for the royals and later the rays.  he spent about a month in the dodger organization during the 2002 season.

1997 bowman ryne sandberg
and 1997 bowman chrome ryne sandberg
both with craig biggio sliding in

1997 donruss shawon dunston
1997 fleer mark grudzielanek
here's biggio on a card of his own - 1997 fleer ultra (gold medallion edition)
and another shawon dunston card from the same set
fernando vina turns two on his 1997 pinnacle card
with a scott stahoviak sighting

here's another grudzielanek card - a 1997 upper deck sp card
i don't have too many cards from this set in my collection, but i'm happy to have this one.  more double play cards from 1997 coming soon...

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jacobmrley said...

Someone could still wear #0 - Omar Quintanilla needs to switch boroughs. Maybe Al Oliver could come out of retirement?