21 June 2014

double plays abound

jay bell is turning two at dodger stadium on his 2000 upper deck card.
this may well be a play from the first game of the davey johnson era - opening day 1999.  if so, that would be mark grudzielanek sliding in.  this was the game in which raul mondesi tied things up with a 3-run blast in the bottom of the 9th and then won the game with another homer in extra innings. 

here's mickey morandini turning two on his 2000 fleer ultra
and 2000 topps stadium club cards
not to be outdone, i've got three fernando vina double play turns to show - 2000 pacific (ruby parallel)
2000 topps chrome
and 2002 fleer ultra
however, this last one is more likely a stolen base attempt, i am afraid.

these last three are dp turns for sure, though.  2004 fleer platinum ray durham
1999 fleer tradition andy fox (warning track parallel)
2006 upper deck tony womack
all that's missing on that womack card is the 'now with reds' text.

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