10 September 2012

you can look if you want to...

...but tristar signa cuts are still a bit of an abomination.  in this case, it's a 2008 tristar signa cuts card of candy maldonado, using his 1985 topps card as the muse.
the card celebrates the candy man's cycle, hit in 1987 when he was a member of the giants.  below is my version of his 1985 topps card, as it was signed through the mail.
not a whole lot of similarities there between the signatures, is there?  still, i prefer my card whole.  that's not to say that i won't keep picking up these types of signa cuts, as long as the price is right.


Spiegel83 said...

The signatures look very different. Odd to me....Also, I am not a fan of cut signatures. I prefer the whole piece. An 1985 Candy Maldanado card as a whole is cooler to me than a cut one. Do you have an extra by chance?

gcrl said...

spiegel - sorry, i don't have an extra. i have his addy, though, if you want it.