04 September 2012

rounding up dodgers

even when i was deep into my steve garvey supercollector phase, i was somewhat ambivalent about the 'disc' cards that were issued in the late 1970's.  i think i purchased one example for the garvey collection, but didn't bother to get them all.  they all look pretty much the same, and some (like the fbi disc) can be pretty hard to find, right mrmopar?

anyway, i recently saw an auction for a 1976 isaly's disc team set, and figured i would bite at the opening bid for no other reason than it would mean another andy messersmith as a dodger card for the collection.  well, i won.  here are the four discs that make up the team set.

ron cey
the aforementioned steve garvey
the aforementioned andy messersmith, sans hat
and don sutton
i guess that's all i have to say about that.


Scott Sawyer said...

I have George Brett disc cards but they are definitely not my favorites in my player collection.

MrMopar said...

There are a few different disc looks...if we are just talking MSA discs. More if you include FBI, Jiffy Pop, etc.

There are the smaller discs (Sunbeam/On-Deck, Wiffle and that one with the monsters on the back...I am totally blanking on the name, but it was a meal tray), larger discs like yours (the majority of them), but then the Big-T had a different front design. There is also a Saga with that same front design as well. Then there are slight variations to the front with the Pepsi and Holiday Inn discs to name a couple.

All in all, I would guess (without looking) that Garvey had maybe 25-30 different discs...maybe more if you count the smaller slurpee 3D discs too.

I don't believe I need any. Maybe I will go back through and see exactly how many there are some day.