08 September 2012

dodger stadium only gets second billing because it can't hold a bat

seriously.  javy lopez is holding a bat on his 1994 upper deck card, but it's the architecture of the pavilion behind him that makes the card.
even allen watson's card from the same set is made better by the blue outfield wall.
notice the lack of ads on it.  i wish the new owners would take down those remnants of the mccourt era and put a mural back on it.  or even just return it to the solid blue color.

here are some cards that show the visitor bullpen in right field - 1997 topps mark leiter
1993 topps brian barnes
and 1993 topps xavier hernandez.
reggie sanders' 1993 topps card also features a dodger stadium photo
seeing the first base dugout/camera well is better than the rookie cup, in my opinion.

here are a few cards from 1987 fleer with photos from chavez ravine - darren daulton
and von hayes.
similar poses and similar backgrounds.  and then there is this mike scott card
which is actually from the 1987 fleer mini set.  i cropped it too closely and now it looks like it's the same size as the other cards, but it's a mini. trust me.

the wizard of oz splits the pavilions on his 1985 fleer card
while jerry royster gets more closely cropped on his 1987 donruss card.
max venable, meanwhile, gets the right field pavilion to back him up on his 1986 donruss card
matt williams almost obscures both pavilions, but not the diamondvision screen on this 1992 baseball card magazine card
that's real nice.  even though it's a card of a no-cal dodger stadium is relegated to the background.

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